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Kenzie, 12 year old female gray feline available for adoption at BHS. Adoption Fee: FREE  ADOPTED 8.7.13

ADOPTED! vMy name is Kenzie and I am a loving, senior gal looking for a calm and respectful retirement home where I can stand out as the only pet. I enjoy simple luxuries: a couch to nap, a shoulder to purr sweet nothings from, or a window to soak in the rays of the sun. My happiness requires only an attentive owner and the quiet comforts of home. When it comes to relationships, I don’t leap in paws first. But, give me a little time and then Ill shower you with head-butts and lots of lap time. In the beginning you not see me but Ill be thinking a lot of you. I’ve been a resident at BHS since March. Come meet me- am I the match for you? My adoption fee is FREE but the love and companionship I have to offer is priceless. Love, your secret admirer. 

ADOPTED 8/2/13   Meet Jake! Jake is a handsome black lab mix who is looking for his perfect match. He is a happy, silly, and energetic dog who would LOVE to live in a home with lots of open space and room for him to run! Because he is a typical active Labrador retriever, his ideal home would have a fenced in yard so that he could be sure to be safe while he is enjoying the great outdoors. Jake has lived with both cats and small children, and they got along great; however he would prefer to be the only dog in the home. He knows many commands and is highly intelligent, and would make a wonderful hiking, swimming, or camping buddy. If Jake sounds like he would fit right into your family, then stop by the Bangor Humane Society to meet him!