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While the dog days of summer mean BBQs and trips to the beach for most, for the staff at the Bangor Humane Society, it is their busiest time of year for animal intakes. Currently, they have over 100 cats awaiting adoption and two dozen dogs. They have a waiting list with close to 200 owned animals in need of re-homing.

So, in an effort to find adopters for all the of the pets awaiting a new home, they are offering an adoption special. For the month of August, all adult cats are $5 and all large adult dogs are “Name your Adoption Fee” with a minimum of $25. All BHS pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and behavior evaluated.

So, on your way home from your next coastal road trip in the sun, stop by BHS and adopt a new fur friend with whom to celebrate the dog days of summer. And, if you have kids that you are getting ready to send back to school, fill your soon-to-be empty nest with a new furry companion. If you can’t adopt, consider making a donation (you can see the agency wish list on the website) and helping to spread the word on all the local homeless pets looking for a home!

August Pet Adoption Special