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The National Weather Service reports that strong thunderstorms are likely this afternoon and evening, but they won’t break this heat wave. In fact, dangerously high heat and humidity throughout New England has prompted the region’s power grid to ask for voluntary brownouts in order to maintain reliable service in the face of soaring demand.

ISO New England acknowledged that weather conditions are prompting many customers to increase their electrical usage as they rely on fans and air conditioners to stay cool. Demand is highest from noon to 8 p.m., but these measures can help:

• Set air conditioners to 74 to 78 degrees.

• Turn off air conditioners when leaving home for an extended period.

• Turn off unneeded lights, appliances, and office equipment.

• Do laundry and other chores that use a lot of electricity in the early morning or late evening.

These measures can help conserve energy in a pinch, but energy efficiency measures can make a long-term difference. Most people think winter when they hear energy efficiency, but adequate insulation can keep your house cooler in the summer, too.  Schedule a FREE consult with Evergreen Home Performance to learn how attic insulation and air sealing can keep you comfortable all year round.