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bamboo sleepwear ~ scrumptious!

Wear Bamboo?  YES!!!!  Bamboo can be a fabric.  It is made through the same process that any woody plant is made into a viscose rayon product.  Today they are finding out all these really great properties of the fabric.  For underwear and socks, it’s perfect because it’s naturally antimicrobial.  It also has natural sun-blocking features…. well, maybe not terribly important for your under garments…  We love the fabric for sleepwear, too.  It is truly luxurious.  In the knit jersey form it is finer than cotton, but heavier ~ which allows for a gorgeous drape.   City Drawers carries bamboo in our men’s and women’s underwear departments.  We have a wonderful line of sleepwear/loungewear for men and women made from bamboo.  We have bamboo leggings and tops that are great for doing yoga.  And, we carry basic socks made of bamboo.  For the ultimate bed, consider bamboo sheets!  If you haven’t put your hand to this fabric yet, please stop by.

This is an incredibly soft knit bamboo boxer. Available S-XL in Black or White.