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Yesterday, Jaime, our young bead and sales specialist, announced she was buying her first car. She had researched through various sites: studied gas mileage,  repair frequency, and customer satisfaction reports enough to narrow her choice to a certain make and model. As always, we were pretty impressed and proud of her. She’d done her homework to make an informed decision.

Behind homes and cars, jewelry is sometimes ranked the third largest purchase people will make in their lifetime. Like a home or car, research is just as important in jewelry. You wouldn’t buy a home if you found the foundation was crumbling or the cost of replacing the furnace would be prohibitive to your budget. Most also wouldn’t buy a home or car sight unseen. For most a walk though through or test drive is a prerequisite. Getting a “feel” of a car or home is necessary for the decision of that major purchase.

That feeling for the aesthetics is normally what comes first in the purchase of jewelry. The eye sees the shiny object and desire kicks in (this is a quite normal reaction and has been going on since we lived in caves and long before we had cars). Jewelry, like a home or car, is also a tactile experience  Walking through a home a prospective buyer will run their had across a kitchen counter or test the flu in the fire place. And, although you’re not quite sure why, you’ll kick the tires on a car. The tactile sense of jewelry is the same: being able to hold, inspect, and marvel at the piece is part of the process. Nearly all of the customers in Pyramid’s brick and mortar shop test drive their jewelry. That too is normal. Seeing how the necklace drapes or confirmation the sapphires match the eye color is necessary.

Confirming the aesthetics in jewelry is pretty easy–people either like it or they don’t.  But there are other decisions to consider after the aesthetics are satisfied.

Does the jewelry fit your lifestyle? We believe jewelry should be worn, enjoyed and lived in. With a few simple questions we can help you decide if the piece matches your life and work and if it can stand the pressure.

What if the piece needs maintenance? Your jewelry is just like your home or car, it should be inspected periodically. We will gladly clean and inspect the settings of your purchases. Anytime, for free. We’ll also off advise you on everyday care and general cleaning of your pieces. Some simple procedures in caring for your jewelry investment will allow it to be passed down for generations.

Is your jewelry insured? To many, jewelry serves as a physical reminder and connection to life’s most cherished memories. Protecting jewelry with jewelry insurance helps preserve these memories. The anniversary band that recalls the day you were married. The watch your father gave you on your graduation. The diamond tennis bracelet you bought yourself after a promotion, thinking maybe you shouldn’t, but then were glad you did. We can direct you to fair and honest coverage for your jewelry.

Please research your jewelry investment. We can help you in the process. Pyramid has been in business, in Downtown Ellsworth since 1982, and we’ve built a loyal following of customer friends through integrity, quality service, and honest value . Those are traditions. Part of the lifestyle in Downeast Maine that we treasure. Ask us questions! We’ll give you fair and  honest answers based on years of professional experience. If you are buying from us online we will gladly answer any question about any piece to help you become an informed and responsible consumer, like our sales associate, Jaime. If you are in our local area–come in and try it on, talk to Dave, Don, or Jaime and decide if it’s right for you.

We are Pyramid Studios at 10 State Street in Downtown Ellsworth, Maine. And, when it comes to custom jewelry, we rock!

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