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Oklahoma Governor Thanks Media for Coverage

Since a devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma Monday afternoon, relief agencies and government officials have been using online resources as a key tool in providing emergency information and communicating ways people can help. Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin thanked the state’s media for saving lives with early storm warnings and on-going coverage. The local television stations regularly use social media sites and online video during storms to better assist those who lose television reception and to advise of street-by-street storm details. — Poynter

Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s CEO, announced on their Tumblr feed Monday, that consistent to last week’s speculation, Yahoo! did indeed acquire Tumblr. Vowing not to change the niche blogging site, she promised that Yahoo! would not “screw it up.” Though the company plans to preserve the core mission of Tumblr, this platform opens up a big window for Yahoo! to offer advertising on the site. Since users’ blog preferences generally indicate their interests, better targeted ads could be served to its 300 million unique monthly visitors. — Yahoo! Tumblr


Pinterest Adds Advertiser-Friendly Features

Pinterest looks to monetize and start generating revenue by adding “rich pins” for businesses to drive purchases. While clicking on current pins takes users back to the source website, this new functionality allows instead the expansion of the pin to provide the user with additional information, such as product pricing and availability, recipes, and movie information. — Social Fresh


Nutella Exemplifies How Not to Use Social Media

Fererro, the company that makes Nutella faced an Internet backlash after sending a cease-and-desist letter to Sara Rosso, the organizer of World Nutella Day, an online event to celebrate the popular spread. She decided to blog about the incident and the message spread across the web. Taking what could have been a huge win for the company as well as  and a ton of positive free marketing, they decided on the wrong approach. Social media users took it from there, helping educate Fererro on how marketing works in the social age. The company has since reconsidered their position and World Nutella Day may live on. — SocialTimes


Father of GIFs: ‘It’s Pronounced JIF’

Steve Wilhite, who created the .GIF file format for images in 1987, has ended the debate on the proper pronunciation of the ever-popular acronym. Accepting a Webby Award this week for his achievement, instead of giving an acceptance speech, he flashed a GIF on the big screen: “It’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.” — Mashable

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