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“Building Buzz with Marketing” Workshop Offered in Belfast


Belfast.   Have you been thinking about the best ways to promote and market your nonprofit organization?  In these times of social media, online marketing as well as traditional print and news media – what is the best way to get the word out about your organization?


In these difficult times, even non-profit directors, their staff and boards need to be proactive in marketing their organizations and leveraging their dollars and resources to their best advantage.  This includes the public relations and branding of their organization and the work they do, all the while building their networks.


The University of Maine Hutchinson Center’s Nonprofit Certificate Management program is offering the workshop, Building Buzz with Marketing on Friday, June 7th from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  This marketing course is being taught by Susan Reisman Kaye, Bangor,.  She has extensive and successful experience in both the nonprofit and business sectors.


Much nonprofit marketing is invested in building a broad base of supporters … consumers, referral sources, donors, partnering organizations, legislators, volunteers, and others. But far fewer have turned those supporters into promoters. Research shows that these potential “brand promoters” are a nonprofit’s best friend when it comes to “building buzz.” Not only is peer-to-peer marketing typically more effective than paid advertising, it is also far more affordable to those nonprofits with limited marketing budgets. Other forms of affordable earned media, when skillfully integrated, can further advance the organization’s mission and goals.  This session will begin with an overview of professional marketing, then introduce best practices for leveraging earned media, identifying and cultivating brand promoters, and utilizing associated marketing techniques for building buzz for your nonprofit

Susan Reisman Kaye holds both an MS and MBA.  She is coordinator of the distance learning MSW program at the University of Maine School of Social Work where she serves as adjunct instructor in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. After receiving an MS from the Columbia University School of Social Work, she worked for several years in geriatric social service planning, administration, and field supervision in New York City.

After returning to school for her MBA at the Wharton School, Susan brought together her corporate and nonprofit expertise to provide strategic planning and management services, marketing plan development, market research, and training to a broad array of organizations including many in the nonprofit sector. She continues to consult in this capacity as a principal of Packard Judd Kaye Strategic Marketing, headquartered in Bangor, Maine.

The University of Maine Hutchinson Center, Route 3, Belfast, has designed the certificate program in non-profit organizational management for non-profit organization executives, staff members, and leaders to deal with contemporary issues and problems using realistic, “hands on” strategies. The various workshops will encourage interactive discussion of “real world” situations and actively engage participants in quality planning, effective program/service development, creative problem solving, and issue resolution. This certificate represents yet another of the offerings that the University of Maine Hutchinson Center has created to be responsive to the educational needs of the community.


The non-profit workshops will appeal to those involved in a variety of organizational roles, including executive directors, board/trustee members, business managers, development officers, program officers, and those holding similar positions. Those not currently engaged in non-profit organizational roles—but seeking to move into these career areas—will also gain a great deal from participation in these workshops.


Register for any one workshop or for the series by contacting Nancy Boyington at the Hutchinson Center at 338-8002 (toll free 800-753-9044) or nancyb@maine.edu. The cost for each one-day workshop is $150 and $255 for the two-day grant writing workshop.  Each workshop fee will include continental breakfast, lunch and all workshop materials.