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The Onion Hacked by Syrians

The Onion, a highly popular parody site, had its Twitter account hacked this week. While The Onion has already parodied the event, incidents like this are forcing Twitter to improve its security. Twitter responded to the attack this week by saying they continue to work on a two-step verification process and also has provided advice to journalists to help improve their account security. — Adweek

LinkedIn Turns 10

LinkedIn reached the 10 year milestone this week and this article takes a look at how it started, how it has evolved, and how it is changing the way we work. With over 225,000,000 registered members, the company looks to generate added revenue through its advertising and job recruiting platforms, while continuing to bring our professional lives online make them more social. — The Next Web


Facebook Rolling Out Video Ads

As Facebook continues looking for new ways to generate revenue, they plan to tap into advertisers’ television marketing budgets by offering video ads. The ads will become part of the newsfeed starting in July. 15-second ads will likely be autoplay and muted by default and will be initially targeted at one of four demographics. Digital video advertising is expected to grow over 40% in the U.S. just this year — Financial Times

Longread: Millenials’ Impact on Journalism 

A great essay by Ben Adler looking at the dynamics of news consumption and how younger generations’ expectations from digital media are impacting journalism. Faced with the need to adapt to quick-hit stories which are shared primarily on social media, and working with an audience who expects to be part of the process, writers and media organizations are coming up with some creative solutions to maintain the context of their stories but also keep this audience satiated and engaged. Ben looks at these dynamics at some depth, highlighting four overlapping trends that are driving change. —  Columbia Journalism Review

Mother and Daughter Reunite on Facebook

After years of searching for her birth mother using more traditional methods, Cyndi Lane turned to social media, hoping for better luck. 44 years after her birth, Cyndi set up a Facebook page named, “Are you Cyndi’s mother?” and within two days the photo she posted had been shared 1,100 times, including her cousin, who saw the similarities and made the connection. Cyndi then made the call to 82 year-old Audrey Gilligan — “I was adopted in 1968 out of Olean, and I think you may be my mom.”  — The Daily Beast 


“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” – Napolean Bonaparte

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