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Facebook Streamlines Timeline

Complaints from users concerning Timeline’s confusing layout have finally reached Facebook’s ears, and the social media website has changed a few things for the better. The site has a few improvements to Timeline and your profile. Here’s a basic breakdown of what’s changed, and how to navigate it.

When you go to your profile page now, you’ll no longer see a mix and match of posts along your timeline on either side of a thin white bar (your “Time” bar). The previously staggered posts are now aligned on the right side of your page, streamlined in an easy-to-read and clear “Timeline”. The tabs that informed visitors about various information don’t redirect you to a new page, but now sit as a feature on the front of your profile. They are easier to navigate than ever.

Your basic information has moved as well. You can see below that the left side of the profile page is reserved for information about you, your pursuits, and your interests. See this picture below of Shannon Kinney’s profile. On the right you’ll see her posts. On the left, information about her and her list of friends begins the other side of her Timeline.