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  • An ad for the Toyota Venza based on FacebookHow Brands Played April Fools : In case you missed it, I thought I’d give another look at Adweek’s list of brand hoaxes from yesterday. People seem to like the Bacon Flavored Scope. What’s your favorite? — Adweek


  • Traditional Ads with a Social Media Spin: As advertisers continue to grapple with the ever-changing online playing field, some print ads are injecting a bit of social flair to better connect with online audiences. — New York Times


  • Papers Worldwide Embrace Web Subscriptions: Looking again at how print media is adapting to the online transition, The Times takes a closer look at how their own paywall has performed over the last two years, as well as how other news organizations around the world are looking to online subscriptions to help make up for revenue shortfalls. — New York Times


  • Mozilla Changes to Improve Ad Experience: Though it has been looked at by some as a negative effect for online advertising, Mozilla’s move to block third-party cookies could help drive positive change in the industry, ultimately improving the customer experience. — AdAge


  • Finding Nemo Sequel Announced:  Ellen DeGeneres shared the big news on her Instagram today…The Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory, will be released in November, 2015. — BuzzFeed 

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