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At City Drawers, we carry yoga wear.  Great, comfortable fabrics and silhouettes for a gentler workout.  In addition, we carry a jean by the Montreal company Second Clothing Company.  (no, they’re not USED jeans!)  Au contraire!  In fact, the pair you wear will continue to feel new because they just don’t wear-out like a regular jean.  While you actually can do yoga poses in these (and the Dutchess has worn them to play field hockey), most customers just consider them their favorite jean.  What makes them so fabulous?  98% cotton and 2% lycra stretch.  But the twill weave is a little different in that it allows a diagonal stretch and the waistband is made of 6 pieces so it all fits and moves with you.  They say the pattern pieces don’t have any straight lines ~ just like you! Visit us in Belfast to try a move in a pair.  Two size ranges:  24-34″ waist or Women’s sizes 12-24.  We don’t carry many of the latter, but would welcome a need to expand our size offerings.  Besides ‘denim’, Yoga Jeans come in colored denim, corduroy, and later this Summer: linen and chino style.

Check out their video – can you do this in your regular jeans???



One of several cuts and finishes

PS: this is in NO way to be compared to a ‘jegging’ or ‘pajama-jean’ …….  ;   )