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To the women out there…. relax, you’re not alone! And, Men, you should take note, too. Even youthful, beautiful, fit, sporty models have the “pooch”.  Even teenage competitive swimmers have it!
This is our No.#1 complaint about wearing a bra.  Every day we hear this.  But wearing a bigger band (ie: the wrong size) is not the solution.
There’s a catalog that may have arrived in the mail….
Notice how smoooooothe all the underarms are. Also take note that MOST of the photos are with the model’s arms UP.
(Try that at home!: stand in front of a mirror with just your bra on and lift your arms…… Pooch-be-gone!)

even on a young, fit, bra-model!

We did notice that there was ONE photo un-airbrushed, though! THIS is reality.
And if the bra band is too big, the bra will creep up your back.
When the bra band fits parallel to the ground, your back will be the smoothest!
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