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We’ve heard that this is the place to be……. so we will.   March 23rd.  Our booth is toward the back and right side of the main room.

Visit the City Drawers booth to get a sense of what we offer in our Belfast boutique.

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For Sale at the show are lots of panties, perfumes & plenty more, and

there won’t be room to set-up for full-blown bra-fitting, BUT we will have a little dressing room to do bra assessments.

What is a bra assessment?  We will look at how your bra is fitting you, explain how a bra should properly fit, measure your rib-cage, recommend a size to try and if we have it with us ~ let you try on a bra in your size.  If you think it’s something we can do for you (& yes, most women are not wearing the correct size), we’ll entice you to visit the actual shop on Main Street in Belfast.  There, we carry more than 20 brands of bras.  Everything from a 28A – 52N* and from sport bras, to basics, to push-ups, to strapless and sheers.


(*we don’t have that size in stock, but can get it for you if need)