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Belfast.   In these difficult times, even non-profit directors, their staff and boards need to be proactive in guiding their organizations and leveraging their dollars and resources to their best advantage.


The University of Maine Hutchinson Center’s Nonprofit Certificate Management program is offering the workshop, “Strategic Planning and Management in the Nonprofit Organization” on Monday, April 1st from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  It is being team taught by Deb Burwell and Jane Haskell.


Strategic planning has evolved to meet our rapidly shifting environment. We will review past approaches, identify current uses, and highlight limitations.  As a process, strategic planning is more of a mind-set than a one-time activity. We will explore how to design, implement, and evaluate user-friendly plans that have flexibility and room for change.  With your organization in mind, we will practice using strategic planning tools and techniques.  Each person will leave with an outline for developing a viable strategic plan.


Deb Burwell supports nonprofit leaders and their organizations in being sustainable and inspired.  She has guided Strategic Planning for 18 years, and continuously discovers improved and relevant planning methods to take advantage of opportunities and address challenges as they arise.   The business she co-runs, Paddling the Rapids, honors the courage it takes to stay the course while navigating the rapids.


Jane Haskell brings over 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of experiential community development programs for youth and adults as a UMaine Extension professor. She is a co-creator of Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills, a training series designed to help local citizens as well as professional staff learn how to get work done more effectively and efficiently in group meetings.


The University of Maine Hutchinson Center, Route 3, Belfast, has designed the certificate program in non-profit organizational management for non-profit organization executives, staff members, and leaders to deal with contemporary issues and problems using realistic, “hands on” strategies. The various workshops will encourage interactive discussion of “real world” situations and actively engage participants in quality planning, effective program/service development, creative problem solving, and issue resolution. This certificate represents yet another of the offerings that the University of Maine Hutchinson Center has created to be responsive to the educational needs of the community.


The non-profit workshops will appeal to those involved in a variety of organizational roles, including executive directors, board/trustee members, business managers, development officers, program officers, and those holding similar positions. Those not currently engaged in non-profit organizational roles—but seeking to move into these career areas—will also gain a great deal from participation in these workshops.


Register for any one workshop or for the series by contacting Nancy Boyington at the Hutchinson Center at 338-8002 (toll free 800-753-9044) or nancyb@maine.edu. The cost for each one-day workshop is $150 and $255 for the two-day grant writing workshop.  Each workshop fee will include continental breakfast, lunch and all workshop materials.


Hutchinson Center is located on Route 3, 80 Belmont Ave, Belfast. It is a branch of the flagship campus in Orono and offers undergraduate and graduate courses and degrees along with professional development and conference services.