What are you looking for?

How to tell?  If you (or someone you love) can answer ‘YES’ to any of the below, then it’s time to visit City Drawers in Belfast!

– you’ve never had a bra-fitting

– it’s been 5 years since a fitting

– you’ve gained weight

– you’ve lost weight

– you’ve had a major milestone of menarche, menopause, pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding initiation or completion

– your current bra fits (or doesn’t!) in one or more of these ways:

– the band rides up your back

– the cups pucker

– your breast spills over the edge of the cup

– the center front of your bra pushes away from your body

– you are continually adjusting your bra (or someone tells you that you are!)

– the straps are digging in

– you have discomfort of any kind!

What a wonderful gift a fitting and a new bra (or wardrobe of bras!) is ……. for yourself, or someone you love.

We would love to help.  And we can do that by measuring you, listening to your concerns and finding the style amongst our 20+ brands that will work the best.

Visit City Drawers in downtown Belfast.   GET REACQUAINTED with YOUR WAIST ……  You’ll be thrilled.